Now is the time to put the foot both on the brake and the gas

The pressure for change on both companies overall and company management is greater than ever given the rapid digitization, the intensifying global competition and the difficulty in attracting critical abilities and competences. Often the challenges arise due to that the companies in their strategy and business planning work do not connect business plans and strategies with HR and competence strategies in a good way.

The result of this is that the organization has challenges to deliver and perform in line with set profitability and growth targets as there is a lack of critical skills, abilities and resources. As many as 70% of employers believe that they experience exactly this and another 67% believe that the difficulty of finding the right talent is the biggest reason why they fail in reaching their growth goals.

In addition to this, these are uncertain times with high inflation and a high interest rate where we are very likely heading for a recession, which means that companies need to review their cost structure both short and long term and prioritize among their initiatives to optimize operations.

The companies thus need to put the foot on both the brake and the gas at the same time, and the decisions behind this will be decisive to ensure sustainable and profitable future growth. The importance of daring to challenge, being flexible and innovative in combination with clear strategies and processes as well as a data-driven way of working is therefore fundamental in this work.