We love our team and are proud to work with the best in Life Science, Engineering and IT. As we say, QRIOS MINDS GO FURTHER.

People first at QRIOS

There are only 24 hours in a day, even though our lives sometimes requires twice that amount. At QRIOS you will have the opportunity to train, take new certificates, participate in fun events and after-work activities, give lectures, do things you find really fun and challenging and much more.
If you want.

It’s up to you. We give you the opportunities, and you decide what suits you and your life.

QRIOS about Tech?

Curious about Sweden’s start-up scene, lightning talks, fairs, hackathons or AI? Or maybe a seminar in bioinformatics?

Is your dream job to help develop the next vaccine or program tomorrow’s streaming services?

What are you passionate about? Let’s find a way there together.

Training and development at QRIOS

We boast that we work with the best in tech. What we also like to boast about is our customized training plan, which you create together with us at QRIOS.

Our mapping of the plan starts early on in our recruitment process and is completed in the first month of employment at QRIOS. Together with you, we’ll fill up the plan with the training and tools you need to get you where you want to go.

QRIOS about Sweden?

Our employees come from all over the world and from different cultures. Are you interested in working with us and moving to Sweden? QRIOS has a tailormade package for those joining us from abroad

When you work at QRIOS, we arrange all administration and contact with the Migration Agency regarding the permits you need to work and stay in Sweden. Of course, QRIOS bears all costs related to this process.

You can also get financial help with the move itself, such as airline tickets or accommodation.

Once you have joined the QRIOS team, you will be offered our “Swedish and Integration Training”. Here, you will learn the basics of the Swedish language 2–3 times a week, with focus on speaking and conversation. At the same time, we go through the Swedish work culture, help you with all the essentials on how to find accommodation, open a bank account and much more that can be helpful to you as a newcomer to Sweden.

Of course, your employment at QRIOS is covered by collective agreements, insurance and a workplace pension. We want everyone to be happy and thrive at QRIOS, so we offer a wellness allowance and occupational health services, as well as access to a benefits portal with a wide range of health offers and more.