The day you engage QRIOS’s IT consultants, you can count on world-class delivery. We hand-pick the sharpest brains and talents for the QRIOS team.

Consultants with experience in the latest technologies

All our consultants have undergone in-depth technical testing by our most experienced consultants prior to employment. Tech and operations – the TekOps team – includes experts in all the different areas we represent and provide consultancy in. We offer those who achieve top results in our tests a place on the team. As a client, you can always get our technical report and evaluation for the consultant we offer you. We believe that by never compromising on quality when it comes to the most important thing we have, our people, we will be able to help you with the challenges you face in the best possible way.

Our Qrios consultants are experienced in the latest technologies, including the Cloud. Qrios consultants are most often in the roles of Solution, Cloud Architects, Full-Stack Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer and Cyber Security.

Our consultants have extensive experience in areas such as

Fullstack, Frontend & Backend Development, App Development, DevOps/DevSecops, Solution and Cloud Architecture, Cybersecurity, Data Engineering, AI, ML, Automated Testing, etc.

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