How we work

The most important thing we have is our people

At QRIOS, we know that the most important thing we have is our people. From the first contact in our recruitment process to how we internally tailor our approach, to promote and enable continuous learning. You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of challenging assignments and can feel confident that your colleagues at QRIOS have a very high level of technical expertise. We’re not interested in being just another consultancy firm – we’re interested in being the best at what we do.

Curious and always wanting to develop. QRIOS MINDS GO FURTHER.

Our recruitment process

From the first contact in our recruitment process until you finally join the QRIOS team, we will evaluate each other in several ways. We ensure there is a foundation for effective cooperation and that we have a common vision of what a good workplace should look like. We will challenge your thoughts and your outlook, and we want you to do the same.

If everything matches up to that point, you will be given tests related to your skills and experience. Everything from personality tests to more in-depth technical tests are included to get an idea of where you stand in terms of skills. We want to understand your strengths and what we can develop together.
We know that the requirements to become a member of the QRIOS team are very stringent and that many unfortunately do not make the cut. Whatever the outcome of the tests, we will meet again to discuss and gain a deeper understanding of the results.
Hopefully, the process will eventually lead to an agreement that we want to be colleagues in the future.

Once you are a part of QRIOS, you’ll have a management team that’s out meeting with a variety of clients on a daily basis to find and create new opportunities for your next dream assignment. During our recruitment process with you, we gained a good understanding of what you want from your career and are now actively working to help you get there. We know that an assignment has to feel right, so we always choose assignments in close dialogue with each other.

Together with your immediate supervisor, you will create your training plan to help you continue to develop and achieve your goals.

To ensure that your workdays with us are what you want them to be, whether it’s about assignments, training or general well-being, you’ll meet with your manager and your colleagues at QRIOS on a regular basis.

This will also give you insight into the daily routines and tasks of the management team. For example, you can help with business development, the recruitment processes and quality assurance of potential new QRIOS members, as well as training colleagues. Many QRIOS consultants also want to get involved in areas they are passionate about or perhaps try something they haven’t done before, such as mentoring, team leadership or attending seminars and conferences.

We give you what you need to do such things – you decide what you want to do.