Insights & Data Analytics

A data-driven approach sets you up for success

Access to relevant data is crucial to how companies design their strategies and at the same time ensure that the business is run in an optimal way. However, for most companies, access to relevant data is a major challenge.

We see that there are two different perspectives that need to work together,
1) External data in the form of surveys and analyses, the “outside perspective”, and
2) Internal data in the form of data and facts about our own operations, the “inside perspective”.

We are a comprehensive supplier and carry out various types of research to interpret and understand both the “outside perspective” and “internal perspective”. The data is used in strategy development and optimization and development of the business.

We have solid experience in the field and lead the entire process, from identifying relevant data sources to analysis, visualization and creation of dashboards for the customer. This work often also includes development of KPIs and action plans.

Some of the services we offer

  • Market, competitor, customer, brand and other external research
  • Employer Brand
  • Internal surveys with a focus on employees, quality and performance
  • Performance Evaluation
    • Digital Maturity
    • Talent Attraction
    • Learning & Training
    • Efficiency Improvements
    • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & People Data & Analytics
    • Identify and extract relevant data
    • Analyze and visualize relevant data
    • Set KPIs and tracking tools

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